Update: Touch tone reinvents the phone

January 9, 2007

CallingApple Chief Showman Steve Jobs unveiled the new Apple iPhone Tuesday, telling the crowd at the Macworld conference in San Francisco that: “We are introducing three revolutionary products.” Actually, it was one product, with three big features, he said:

  • Widescreen iPod with touch controls
  • A “revolutionary” mobile phone
  • A “breakthrough” Internet communications device

“We are going to reinvent the phone,” Jobs declared. The new phone will be priced at $499 for 4 gigabytes and $599 for 8 GB. Shipping is expected to begin in June in the U.S., partnering with Cingular; Europe in the fourth quarter and in Asia in 2008.CompetitorsJobs said the secret of the phone is its software — its user interface, which requires no physical keyboard, compared with smartphones like Blackberries and Palm Treos. Instead, Apple has developed a patented touchscreen device that allows users to use their 10 fingers to control the device. (Find early analyst reaction here)He called it “a revolutionary interface” changing the way consumers think about electronics in the tradition of Apple Macintosh desktop software, and the iPod clickwheel.Repeatedly Jobs mocked makers of existing smartphones during his presentation, showing feature-by-feature comparisons of e-mail and Web-browsing on the iPhone and its rivals. WidgetsApple has partnered with Yahoo and Cingular to offer a Blackberry-like “push” e-mail service, which automatically delivers one’s e-mail to the phone, rather than requiring auser to take the extra step of downloading new e-mail. Network administrators will be able to hook iPhones up to corporate Exchange mail services, Gartner analyst Van Baker said.The phone contains a two-megapixel camera and uses a GSM-based SIM card. It runs Apple’s OS X computer operating system, so thousands of applications can run on the widescreen device. IPhone is a quad-band GSM+EDGE phone plus it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.Users can download address and phone contacts from any PC or Mac. It allows users to navigate through voicemail visually, picking out which voicemails to listen to in what order, rather than needing to listen to a voicemail menu to wade through multiple messages.StarbucksJobs showcased mini Web applications known as Widgets that can run on the new iPhone, which features a full Web browser, the ability to zoom in on parts of Web pages and runs on Apple’s existing computer software, known as OS X.On the third public call ever on an iPhone, Jobs placed a crank call to Starbucks and ordered 4,000 lattes… then quickly cancelled them. His first two calls were to Apple executives.”That is the iPod. We’ve just started,” Jobs said.Full coverage here(Photos: REUTERS/Eric Auchard) 


There is a lot of stupid people posting comments here. Being a PC nerd and hating Mac is so lame. Get over it fan boy.


Does look like a cool phone. BUT NOT CINGULAR: Consumer Reports recent analysis of Cingular: “How good – Middling to low levels of consumer satisfaction. Static and busy circuits were widespread problems, as they have been in our previous surveys. Relatively low marks for helpfulness in handling customer questions and complaints. ” Apple must have gotten big bucks to go with a lousy cell company — probably enough to pay Apple for the fines they will get for predating stock options to Jobs and others at Apple.

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Did I miss something?

Did Apple thwart a rogue astroid from destroying the Earth? Did they bring world peace? Did the cure cancer? Did they reduce my work commute? Did they improve my slapshot?

It’s really just a phone with a bunch of extra stuff….and I already have one of those.

I guess you all should sue me for seeing through the hype.

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David Stone say’s “I am so sick of Americas cell phone obsession I could vomit” without even the knowledge that Americans lag far behind many countries in cell phone usage. Looks like America bashing to me.

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Agree with Steve (#7 Above) I would LOVE to have one too, and the price is not a issue to me. However; I have been with SPRINT for over a decade, and have a good longterm package. SPRINTS data rate it at least 5 times that of Cingular’s EDGE which may explain why Steve was using a cable for the demo! With the slower data rate that Cingular os known for, I am not moving from the CDMA platform. I also agree that Apple made a error in signing a multi year contract with ANY singler provider. I currently have a MOT Razer phone which works in GSM & CDMA, and also agree that no matter how much they make of if Cingular, Itll cost Apple by not being compatable with the CDMA platform.

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This phone is good because it combines technologies. It’s bad because it’s not as powerful as any of the original technologies (outside of perhaps being a decent phone). It’s like that amp mobile thing, which I won’t call a phone; I also won’t call myself a customer of their organization.

I think cell phone jamming is not an appropriate way to go. I work in a dormitory, and there are times when I need to communicate. I never turn my phone off, but if I am driving or in a theater, the phone is only on so I can check who is calling, and if necessary, seek a stopping point or step out and call them back. The solution isn’t to block communications and productivity, it is to use legitimate authority against people who actively use it in innapropriate manners (i.e. forcing them to leave, giving them a ticket, etc)

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Well it has wi-fi so if youre in a zone you should be able to use skype. 3G is coming soon he said…next generation. One reason they only picked up one carrier is that exclusivity was an incentive to pick up the phone…The other carriers want to start up their own music download service so picking up an ipod phone with Itunes would be counterproductive. Some people dont like Cingular…Wat would be a better service…Verizon. Sprint was awful when I had them.. I have T-mobil now which has average coverage but good service….

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I already have a phone,worth $4.50 from an op shop. It plays snake 2 and calls people, and I cant see that i really need to pay that much for a new one.

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it’ll look great after a year of use… for half a grand.

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one will be able to spot the morons with more dollars than sence easier when they are talking on their new toy

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Is one year that I did not buy a new phone because of lack of functionality.
The choice was Microsoft or Blackberry nothing exciting except for business show off.
Finally a great product sure they will sell tens of million in the first year if they manage the production.


If you believe the rumor that 19.75% of Cingular’s Applephone revenues go to the New Apple Corp for 72 months, you can see why they went exclusive on the carrier. The one discussion group I read figured it would be >38 Billion over 6 years. THIS is not the product sale rev but the carrier rev WOW

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Sorry Steve, Your phone is nothing New. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!. If you look globaly. All these options are out there. Even WiFi- VOIP!. When tested against Nokia or Sony Ericsson. This phone will go down in flames. There are already non dedicated phones that sync with Macs & PCs. Software is written everyday as aftermarket add-ons. Remember the iRocker? 100 song capacity against 3000 plus already in the market. This phone is dumb idea part two.

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Dear Mr Jobs…. WELL DONE!
EVERYTIME I think that they have out done themselves, THEY DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
Awsome, Stevo…. Congratulations to you and your remarkable company.
A Mac user for 18 years!

PS / I still have a Newton!

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Steve Jobs… you put a tear in my eye!

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Much like the vast acceptance of plasma and large screen HD televisions the iPhone did not reinvent the tool it only improved it!

Adoption of new technology (tools) by the consumers is increased when enhancements are made that do not require learning new skills. The iPhone appears to increase the use of the tool by replacing hardware keyboards with software. For the group of consumers in the age group of 35-55, this is a plus. When this feature is united with a larger screen (remember the age group mentioned) it further solidifies the adoption.

In any adoption cycle, there are the trailblazers, the pioneers and the settlers. Apple Inc. researched, designed and offered a tool for the settlers. This tool will be quickly adopted by the largest consumer group…the settlers.

As Don King states, “Only in America!”

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Saw the intro at Macworld. Fantastic advance. The missing issues of Skype and iChat were glaring. I have been waiting to Telepresence from a phone on the go like I can do with my MacPro and a Verizon aircard from the car. Using only Cingular is an achilles heel if ATT does not upgrade the Data portal.

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How is this “revolutionary”? It still relies on America’s weak cell infrastructure. There is lousy cell phone access in American suburbs, no access in subways and many buildings, and none at all when you go further from the cities. Cellular tech is only good when you can access a network, and America isn’t half as wired as even the least wired of developed countries in Asia.

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Will this iphone be free in europe? i hope it will!!!

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I think that when a new product is expected to “revolutionize” technology, there’s on average about a 50% chance that it will do so, and a 50% chance that it will prove to be a flop. I’ll let everyone else get one first and hear whether they cheer or moan.

I’m with everyone who thinks a cell phone jammer is a ridiculous idea, because the issue is not the ringing, it’s the rudeness of people talking loudly – and indiscriminately jamming everyone’s signals is way ruder.

On the other hand, I love those things that let you turn off any t.v. in the vicinity…quiets the space *and* totally weirds out bartenders.

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“so” says “On the other hand, I love those things that let you turn off any t.v. in the vicinity” – I think you mean TVBeGone – http://www.tvbegone.com/ – a totally wonderful social media device!

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