Houston, we have an auction…

January 9, 2007

They’re auctioning off lots of stuff owned by singer Whitney Houston.  It seems she liked monograms, so it helps a lot if you’re the poet W.H. Auden or President Warren Harding or somebody else with compatible initials, although that leaves the problem of whether those guys really want  dresses.Failing that, I guess the White House might be able to use lots of this stuff.  It’s a shame to let those monograms go to waste.houston.jpg Gowns monogrammed with the initials of pop singer and actress Whitney Houston are on display before an auction at a warehouse in Irvington, New Jersey, January 9, 2007. Houston, one of the most celebrated pop stars of the 1980s and ’90s, was ordered by the New Jersey Superior Court to sell off clothes, instruments and sound equipment to pay a debt to a warehouse storing the items. REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky


Or it could be useful if your name is Dabliu Eich as well, couldn´t it be so?