Jobs’ iPhone sets off waves of geek joy (and woe)

January 10, 2007

Steve Jobs holds the new iPhoneA major Canadian newspaper has called it the holy grail of gadgets… Gizmodo nicknamed it the Jesus Phone. Apple’s iPhone launched by CEO Steve Jobs Tuesday during his Macworld keynote. The online buzz began immediately as people reacted to the details gleaned from live blogs of Jobs’ address.

There’s been some lavish praise in the tech and gadget blogs, particularly for the phone’s design. NextLust called iPhone “the sexiest thing we’ve seen today.” SciAm Observations summed the device up as “a juggernaut/vanity mirror/black hole into the matrix of iLife.”

The iPhone’s partnerships with Yahoo and Google for email, maps and web searching position it as “the latest Blackberry killer,” said ReadWriteWeb. Blackberry manufacturer RIM’s stock took a tumble yesterday, along with Palm. Gizmodo said “I have a bit of sympathy for our friends at RIM and Nokia.”

The iPhone mobile phoneBut not everyone is in love with iPhone. Gadget Lab found five things to dislike; Dan Warne at APC Magazine came up with ten. The phone’s touchscreen garnered considerable attention, with The Cool Hunter calling it “a breakthrough in touch pad navigation,” but some wondered how it would stand up against grubby fingers or keys. Others complained about Apple’s service agreement with Cingular, though Cult of Mac predicted that entrepreneurial types would find a way around that. And finally, there was disappointment that iPhone’s use of Mac OS X doesn’t mean that users can install extras like Skype on it.

American customers will have to wait until June to try iPhone out for themselves. In the meantime, Gizmodo put forth some recommendations for new phones that have less buzz but still bring something to the table.

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