Sony goes organic

January 11, 2007
Sony screen 2.JPGIf thin is in, Sony surely deserves an award for its OLED displays in its booth at CES. The displays are thinner than a comic book, yet they are brighter and crisper than any LCD or plasma display out there.    

OLED, short for organic light emitting diodes, light up by themselves and are many time more energy efficient than LCD displays because they do not require a backlight that’s always on. That technology also improves contrast ratios and black levels, because an OLED pixel which is turned off is quite literally blacked out, and not just a drawn curtain in front of a powerful lamp which is how LCD technology creates blacks.

Sony has managed to produce a full color, full high definition, 27 inch OLED display which is only 11 millimeters thick. Smaller displays, which can be used as picture frames, are just 8 millimetres thin. We’ve seen full colour OLED displays before at trade shows, but never before packaged in such ready-for-the-market frames which suggests the technology is finally getting ready for commercial introduction. Sadly Sony does not want to say when these prototypes will come out of its laboratories and make it to the shops.


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