The other “Cats” show

March 2, 2006

Russian clown Yuri Kuklachev has a troupe of cats who do handstands, crawl along high wires and balance on balls, and he says the secret to training them is realizing that you can’t force cats to do anything. So, instead of teaching his felines what he wants them to do, he finds out what they like to do, and figures out how to use that in a show. Here’s the story:blogcatshow222.jpgYuri Kuklachev smiles while one of his cats sits on his shoulder during a performance of the Moscow Cats Theatre in New York in this October 1, 2005 file photo.  REUTERS/Seth Wenig


But what if your cat just likes to sit around, eat and generally just be fat?


That may be the part of the game and entertainment.

Thanks! :)



Funny! I though thats all most cats liked to do, or maybe some like to catch the occasional bird.

Katie Morris