Kids these days …

March 5, 2007

Those hotshots at Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. just don’t appreciate the kind of work that goes into a show like “The King of Queens.”

At least that’s the view of CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves, who discussed on Monday his views of the ongoing spats between broadcasters and Google.  “The disputes we’re having the technology companies — the Google guys, Yahoo guys — is because they don’t respect the content enough,” Moonves said at the Bear Stearns media conference. “People who grow up with tech don’t tend to value content.”

Nevertheless, Moonves continues to work with technology companies, having reached promotional deals with Yahoo and Google’s YouTube to make CBS video clips available on the sites. But his view partially explains media reports on why CBS and Google failed to reach a deeper agreement that involved CBS selling some of its radio spots to Google advertisers.

“We have phenomenal content, and we’re going to get paid for it,” he said.


Mr. Moonves,

The more you complain and wall-off your content is fine with me. It is opportunity for other content creators, independent of the crumbling hollywood machine. Pay attention to what those who are disavowing CBS or Viacom content, there is so much still available on YouTube or the internet and it is BETTER. How did you do the past Nielsen sweeps? How are your projections since you’ve started at CBS? CBS may not be over put it has definitely peaked.


People who grow up with tech dont tend to value content. Wrong. People who grow up with tech don’t spend much time with unclear content.