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Castro signing cigar humidors for big Habanos fest

castro200.jpgCastro, once a cigar-chomping guerrilla, gave up cigars in 1986 and has said tobacco is a poison and boxes of cigars are best given to one’s enemies.

I have seen this reference in several publications, but I have never seen a source for it. Can you you please provide me with the source? Thank you very much.

George E.

Anthony Boadle, our Havana bureau chief, says Castro made the comment in a May 26, 2003 speech to thousands of fans on the steps of the University of  Buenos Aires Law School. Here is the full quote taken from the official Cuban web site for Castro speeches:

“As for us, we have historically been tobacco producers, and this is something we cannot give up, much less while we are subjected to the blockade, and yet when we give a friend a box of cigars as a gift, we say, “If you smoke, you can smoke them; if you have any friends who smoke, you can share them; but the best thing you can do with this box of cigars is to give them to your enemy.” GBU Editor

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