Fashion makes a beeline for the feline?

March 27, 2007

Call it haute catoure. Designers are starting to realize what some of us have known all along, that many folks buy their clothes for the same reason they do everything else: to entertain their cats.

Now, you take this creation from Moscow Fashion Week. Sure, guys may hate it. “Here, just let me cut a hole in my BMW roof so your wacky wig can stick through.” But your cat will go wild.

Note the hairpiece crafted from 400 miles of yarn – a rough estimate – marinated in catnip, with a tantalizing single strand hanging over one shoulder. Check out the dangly earrings and the forehead light reflectors, to mesmerize your kittens for hours.

Of course, maybe something altogether different is going on here, so feel free to offer alternative captions via Post a Comment.

Oddly Enough Blogcat300.jpg

A model presents a creation by Kazakh designer Kuralai during Fashion Week in Moscow March 26, 2007. REUTERS/Alexander Natruskin


Casting call for Fellini’s “The Simpsons?”

This year’s hot wig: presenting “The Rasta”

Knockoff designers have already gone into production.


Look! It’s EMO Raggety Ann’s bad hair day!


Kind of like a thigh master but for your neck.

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Spanky’s great-great-mediocre granddaughter.

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Is it a dream catcher or is it a hairdresser’s tool. It’s both!

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I wonder why they never make the queen chess piece taller than the king piece.

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You’re a knotty girl. Yes you are.

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Should you pose a query to your Fembot that she is unable to resolve, she may begin emitting acrid, black smok as her circuits overload. This condition voids the warranty*.

*Not applicable in New Jersey, New Hamshire, Idaho or Maine.

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What may happen if you condition and rinse but fail to repeat.

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Honey! Look at you. Are you alright? Sit down right over here. Should I call you a doctor? You’re all black and blue.

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I’m laughing too hysterically at your blog entry of this to come up with anything good of my own!


Even the mad hatter said, “oh no, that’s too much.”


“Why are you standing in front of this underpass?”

“I, like, exceed the height requirements, but like, I can’t turn around and walk home because like, you are not allowed to go that way on the highway.”


NASA called; they can’t tell you apart from the Space Needle, and they need you to move out of the way.


This looks like something Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones should be fighting.


Cat in the Hat meets Spiderman 3


I do not like this hat with a box. I do not like this hat with a fox.


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