You know that nasty guy Stalin? Let’s use him!

March 28, 2007

stalin.jpgIt seems some people in Ukraine haven’t been paying their utility bills on time, and the heating company needed an ad campaign to make them cough up the money.

Who could make these deadbeats sit up and pay attention? The utility hit upon the idea of using Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, to warn customers to pay or face “unavoidable punishment.”

I’m not making any of this up.  Yes, they chose the man many historians say  engineered the 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine, during which up to 10 million people died. The ad campaign has now been pulled. Here is the Rough Cut Video:


The original “Big Idea” was to include Pol Pot, Hitler, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein in the photo shoot, but nobody wanted to re-live that “Desparate Housewives” fiasco.


Quit stalin and pay your bill.

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What? Black and white? Must be a re-run.

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Pay your bill or I’ll eat all your food; Cartman

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