The smile is the really tough part…

April 10, 2007

Once again, I am aiming a blog posting at college seniors who are about to graduate and want to choose a career.

Have you considered the fast-paced world of contortionism? I know, you’re saying, “But like how would I keep my iPod in my ears?” Well, I don’t know, but I can tell you contortionists make good money, and they travel economically in overhead compartments on airplanes.

A good contortionism grad school can have you in positions like this one in a year – maybe less, depending on your threshold for pain – and it’s great fun watching students try to eat in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, in case you missed these earlier career guidance posts about professions like snake-handling and glass-eating

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Contortionist Liu Cen holds an Easter egg between her feet as the Chinese State Circus rehearse in London, April 4, 2007. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor


Dude…I would LOVE to be a contortionist. I’d like to have a bench out in the middle of a plaza or something that I could fold myself up into and only pop out at the right times to scare people. I’d be a human jack-in-the-box. Man, that would rock.

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