Rockstar Steve Chen

April 23, 2007

Stevechen.jpgA clearly bashful Steve Chen was mobbed by fans at the Committee of 100 conference in Manhattan last week, upstaging financial industry luminaries KKR co-founder Henry Kravis, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and Nvidia’s Jen-Hsung Huang. In fact, the name of the guy, who co-founded the top online video destination YouTube dotted discussions of the Internet and technology throughout the conference.

So has the life of the geek turned millionaire changed since Google snapped up the company for $1.65 billion, Google’s second biggest deal ever?

When moderator ABC News correspondent Lynn Sherr put the question to him during a luncheon discussion on Saturday, he played coy.  “No, you can still catch me online at 3 a.m. The entire office still rolls in at noon.”

Sherr pressed further.
Sherr: So have people who wouldn’t talk to you before, now talk to you? Especially girls.
Chen: It’s a … Yes.

One person unlikely to be drawn into Chen’s newfound charisma might be the woman on the right, MTV Brasil host Daniela Cicarelli. The former model sued YouTube after someone posted a video of her having sex with her boyfriend on the service, which also inspired a Brazilian court to briefly block the service from the region. That was, of course, BEFORE the billion dollar deal.

(Chen photo: / Cicarelli photo: Reuters)


It’s all about money for girls, As a guy you will always pay for it.