Female genital mutilation

Envoy attacks female circumcision in Kenya

KILGORIS, Kenya (Reuters) – The U.S. ambassador to Kenya attacked the practice of female circumcision on Saturday, saying local communities must denounce it.

There was an article on what was referred to as female circumcision in Kenya. While this is what all other media refer to it as, aren’t you doing a huge, huge disservice by referring to it this way? It creates substantially greater acceptance by associating it with the male procedure by the same name. Many scan the news & don’t get exactly what the fuss is about.

Since it is roughly the same as amputating the entire penis, please start setting a precedent by referring to it as what it actually is – genital mutilation. I have the greatest respect for your organization but surely you can appreciate how ugly a distortion, harm causing & plain inaccurate this euphemism is.


We got several similar comments. Our story referred to it as female genital mutilation in the second paragraph, and called it FGM several times after that. Still, maybe it’s time to evaluate our style. Watch this space: GBU Editor

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