Muttonhead Quail?

Pakistan city virtually shut down after strike call

The opposition blames the government and the pro-government Muttonhead Quail Movement (MQM), which runs Karachi, for the violence.

MQM does not stand for Muttonhead Quail Movement, but Muttahida Quami Movement! Do I get a prize for spotting this?


This is possibly the most unfortunate spell-check blunder I’ve ever seen. We corrected it: GBU Editor


But does it lay 2,000 eggs a day?

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Hey, this was so funny. Made me laugh, a lot. Still laughing now…

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These days pakistani leaders are playing the “Blaming game”. They are just exploiting the youth of pakistan taking them forcibly on the streets and getting them shot. I don’t know, why always followers die and not the leaders. Every party simply thinks about its own honour disregarding the country’s honour.


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