Audio: Seinfeld on his flight as a bumble bee, golden age comedians

By Reuters Staff
May 21, 2007

So how did comedian Jerry Seinfeld take to hurtling down a wire from a great height at the Cannes Film Festival, where he’s promoting his animated film, “Bee Movie”? It wasn’t so bad in practice, but… here Seinfeld’s reaction here. You can find the flight of Seinfeld the bumble bee on video here.

Correspondent Bob Tourtellotte, covering the festival, joined reporters interviewing Seinfeld after the flight. Here are some of his comments.

Seinfeld on Seinfeld; he was asked whether he’d come back to television here

Seinfeld on comedians; he was asked who he likes from the “golden age” here 

Seinfeld on what’s left to do to wrap his new film here.



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