Big nudes from Venezuela…

March 19, 2006

Spencer Tunick is a photographer who has figured out something interesting: Most mainstream U.S. news media won’t think of using a photograph of a naked man or woman, but if it’s a few THOUSAND naked men and women, and you call it art, well…This is the guy who goes from city to city and poses very large crowds of buck-naked people, and the photographs show up everywhere. His latest stop was Caracas, Venezuela.Read all about it: Watch the videonaked700.jpg                                                              Volunteer participants pose naked during a photo session with U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick in Caracas March 19, 2006. REUTERS/Jorge Silva   


That sounds and looks as a wonder for which the book of gunees should get ready to take note of it.


Spencer Tunick has one of the best jobs in the world. The guy travels though globe taking nude pics of people … what could be more fun?


[…] Robert Basler links to a video (not work safe) of the photo shoot where Tunick explains why he chose the location of Av. Bolívar: Um, I picked this location because I felt that the buildings were kinda like uh, like a whale in Antartica that loses all it’s skin and it’s like bones, like you know what I mean? So I, so I, so I felt that the building was very iconic in that sense. And then, and then, I liked the view that the highway forms with the big, empty, barren street. […]


I was there: It was a once in a lifetime experience!

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I remember they did the same in NYC I think it was over on Times Square.