I can’t talk, I’m a little horse…

May 31, 2007


I never planned it this way, but this blog, which is supposed to be one-stop shopping for sarcasm and cynicism, is also rapidly becoming a regular source for pictures and video of lovable animals. Judging from the traffic we get for such content, readers seem to accept the apparent contradiction.

Today’s dose of cute comes in the form of Thumbelina, a dwarf miniature horse who is raising money for children’s charities. Renae Bunney reports:


‘Little’ Joe Cartwright’s recurring nightmare.

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I wonder whether there is even one solitary God-fearing individual among miniature horse breeders. Maybe when the lightning bolts start striking.

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Well at least they fit into your carry-on luggage.

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After Disney rejected her application to be the 8th Dwarf, “Bucky,” Thumbelina decided to give up her dreams of stardom and help those in need.