Miss Nuclear: fission for compliments?

June 26, 2007

This woman, who has won the title of Miss Nuclear, looks glowing and radiant. Let’s just hope it’s not something she brought home from the nuclear industry workplace.

Anyway, with nuclear energy being somewhat controversial, it seems sort of a bold move in 2007 to stage a Miss Nuclear pageant. So what does the winner get? A mink coat.

I’m serious. Nuclear, fur, and they openly bill it as a beauty pageant. If they could only get a cigarette company involved, they could just crown her Miss Political Incorrectness, 2007.

More Oddly Enough Blognuclear360.jpg

Yelena Kamenskaya poses for a picture after winning the title of Miss Nuclear during a Miss Atom-2007 International Beauty Contest in Moscow, June 19, 2007. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin


Next thing you know, they will be holding a “Miss Toxic Waste” pageant.

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Thanks for dredging up a bad memory. I lost a small fortune betting on .


‘Cause I’m a blonde.

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Officials were unsure of how to proceed when suddenly after being crowned, Miss Nuclear’s face slipped off to reveal a large green bug-like creature wearing a woman-suit. Eventually, they decided that, even as a slimy monster, the contestant still embodied the qualities that had earned the title to begin with.

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I want my women like I want my nuclear power; hot and no “greenhouse” gas emissions.

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Trust me: in northern Russia a fur coat is much less of a luxury than it would be in California!

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In Nicaragua, the Sandinista government once kicked off an offensive against the Contra rebels with a pageant to choose “Miss Offensive.”

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Wow, “no” greenhouse has huh? Sure, of course we’d prefer nuclear waste and risking nuclear meltdown that could cause radioactive waste spewing into our atmosphere rather than having greenhouse gas. Whatever it is, I don’t feel comfortable living near one. By near I meant at least a hundred miles.

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Sorry, Yelena. You’re not ‘getting lucky’ with Marcus Lewcht anytime soon.

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