Singing from the same hymn sheet?

Americans celebrate July 4 with Afghan twist 
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The Army’s 82nd Airborne Division band played music based on the military role in U.S. history, starting with The Battle Cry of the Republic, the rallying call of union soldiers during the civil war, and ending with American Soldier, the hit country song by Toby Keith, composed in 2004 after the invasion of Iraq.

The title of the song is The Battle HYMN of the Republic.


Yes, we corrected: GBU Editor

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While the coverage that we legal immigrants received during the CIR debate was abysmal because we were not considered “human interest” pieces by journalists and editors. We have been subjected to another slap in the face by a broken immigration system.

Please see, NewsID=1808 4995.html ..

Please Also see:  ?docid=22804

“Administration Slams Door on Thousands of Legal Immigrants: AILA Condemns Agencies Bait and Switch Cite as “AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 07070264″”

I hope that this press release is sufficent to now categorize us as a human interest piece. Any coverage will be appreciated.


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