You smelled them all the way in the hall?

July 9, 2007

It would take 25 quite imaginative 12-year-olds, shouting out ideas around the campfire for two weeks, to come up with something this gross.

It seems some neighbors in Germany complained about a terrible stench seeping out of one apartment, so police broke in, fully expecting to find a corpse. Instead, they found a tenant with extremely foul-smelling feet, asleep in bed next to a pile of vile laundry.

Okay, kids that’s only half the job. Now, grab another s’more, put a new log on the fire, and tell us hofeet3001.jpgw his feet came to smell like that. Readers, you can play too. Here’s the story:

Some other guy… A man stands in waste water inside a tannery in the Ain el Sirra district of Cairo June 14, 2007. Many people walk barefoot through the street of this district, seemingly not bothered by the waste, odors of chemicals and the smell of unprocessed skins. REUTERS/Steve Crisp


He probably passed out from his own stench on the way to the shower.

Btw…have I mentioned that your math script hates me?

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Something is wrong when the blog entry is longer than the story …


My question is: How could he NOT notice?! YUCK!!!!

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No, it just means the blog readers are getting their money’s worth. THAT’S entertainment!

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See what happens when you keep your dirty laundry in the bathtub?

(Seriously, clearly the man has no sense of smell. My grandfather was like that, and ho boy….)

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I er He was sleeping.

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Next time, try drywall patch instead of sourkraut to get rid of your plantars warts.

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Ironically, he was a monk from Meunster.

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If only Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Greatest Hits had stuck on Free Bird.

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