Using his pull to get lunch?

July 18, 2007

Just a little slice of life. It seems Earl’s wife has just dropped off his lunchbox, and now he needs to figure out how to get the thing onto his desk, so he can enjoy his meatloaf sandwich and Ding Dongs.

Earl’s plan involves using his finger to hoist the lunchbox, with the help of an improvised pulley, but now he’s wondering how he’ll get the box over that metal wheel, and feeling embarrassed that he didn’t think it through adequately. He’s also looking at that white dusting of sugar, wishing he hadn’t eaten all of his jelly doughnuts.

Meanwhile, friend Lonnie is watching and feeling smug, because he knows his own solution would have been to just eat the lunch on the floor, instead of moving the box. Ah, good times!

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Participants take part in a finger pulling training session in Ohlstadt, Germany, July 12, 2007, in advance of an annual finger pulling championship. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle


The “pull my finger joke”: they’re doing it wrong.

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Finger pulling – the Sport of Kings. And this guy.

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17. Oh, right. Why don’t I have to answer a math problem any more?

Sponsored by Palmolive.

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Ironically, the German word for a finger pulling practice block is ‘poot.’

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Finger pulling – a chiropractor’s grandest fantasy.

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Kurt Russell wouldn’t practice with a big block. He’d practice with a big bloc V-8

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