UK floods – what can be done?

July 23, 2007

Torrential rain has left whole towns inundated in some of the worst flooding in Britain for 50 years, and the Environment Agency is warning that water levels are expected to exceed those of the devastating floods of 1947. June was the wettest month since records began and the downpours continued in July. But experts say, despite the rain, the lack of proper planning when building new homes has played a major part in causing the floods and warn that the government’s ambitious housebuilding plans — 3 million new homes by 2020 — are likely to increase the risk of flooding even more.

The nation needs more and better housing – but what do you think should be done to minimise the risk of floods? And what is your local authority doing to help you safeguard your home against flooding?


We watch on Television the devestation and sheer homelessness but I have failed to see any assistance – simple ways of drinking water and canned food – Water – the Government are probably waiting for the mega supermarkets to volunteer and the supermarkets are waiting for the Govt. to ask – favour in hand, you see!!! Why don’t we somehow get together and all contribute or put together a bit of stuff that does not perish and get it out there!! do let me know what you think. Cheers. Christine

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If the Government insists that more houses have got to be built then this country needs more water storage and better flood defences. The British Countryside will start to disappear because of more dams but it will disappear anyway with more housing. The reservoirs will help to keep the river levels down and more water will be resourced to cater for the extra housing.

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Nothing appears to be happening to help anyone as a result of the floods, I agree basic food and water to help those in needs, we would all be glad to contribute if distribution can be organised and what about charity shops giving clothing, toys etc. charity should begin at home after all !

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They keep saying that people are getting bottled water to drink,but what about how do people take a bath or shower? If this is going on for weeks then hygiegene will be another problem.I have a 35ft.static caravan that is up north where i’m from, i’m sure a family would jump at the chance to use it to be housed for a while till things settle.Due to red tape and government rules i’m unable to let anyone use it in there time of great need as it is for holiday and not residential living.I wouldn’t even want rent for it.I have nothing like other people but it’s all i have to give to help.I know if it was me in a flood with no home i’d want my kids somewhere save and dry.Tell this government to get there finger out and think about the kids and the stress they are going through.ENGLAND NEEDS HELP TO HELP THE THOUSANDS THAT SUFFER NOW!!!


One of the reasons we left England for Canada was because England is overpopulated and overdeveloped and now you are seeing the consequences. Lets hope the Government uses a bit of common sense for a change and puts the money where it is needed. Rainwater does not soak through concrete.

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