About those Dow Jones T-shirts…

August 8, 2007

Dow Jones: It’s a brand, not a branding exercise.

News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch got plenty of Wall Street Journal staff fuming with nightmares that he would take the venerable newspaper’s identity after buying parent company Dow Jones and plastering it wherever he could — including on his more spicy news Web sites like the New York Post and The Sun.

Fear not, Murdoch said on a conference call with financial analysts and reporters on Wednesday to discuss News Corp.’s quarterly results.

“It’s too valuable,” he said. “We want to use it in every way ourselves that is going to make money. But you’re not going to see Dow Jones shirts.”

Too late. There already ARE Wall Street Journal T-shirts… and coffee mugs, baby bibs, knit caps, golf shirts, business card holders, blankets, cardigans, flashlights, glass alarm clocks, turtlenecks (men’s and women’s), travel mugs, notebooks, ponchos, bathrobes, toddler T-shirts, umbrellas, wine kits, and sweatshirts.

Sorry Rupert, looks like the Bancrofts were way ahead of you.

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