Can England cope without Rooney?

August 13, 2007

Wayne Rooney receives treatment during their match against Reading. Phil Noble / Reuters

Wayne Rooney is looking at two months out after breaking his foot in Manchester United’s goalless draw with Reading on Sunday.

The good news for Alex Ferguson is that the Carlos Tevez deal has finally been tied up, with the Argentine standing by to make his debut against Portsmouth on Wednesday. You could even argue that it might be positive for United in the long run, as it should give Tevez a good long run in the team.

Unfortunately, England coach Steve McClaren has no such ready made substitute and the loss of Rooney is only going to complicate an already tricky qualifying picture for Euro 2008.

England are in fourth place in Group E and they will now have to go into crucial home games against Israel and Russia next month without their chief striker. With Michael Owen struggling with injury, and Peter Crouch suspended for the Israel game, it could be a big problem for the coach.

So can England recover from the loss of Rooney and clinch the six points they need from those two games. And who should McClaren pick to lead the line in next month’s qualifiers? Michael Chopra made a bit of a name for himself at the weekend. Does he deserve a chance?

Kevin Fylan


HELL YES!!!!!!!!!

Of course we can cope with out him, he is only one player and one player doesn´t make a team.

I belive this is a fantastic oppertunity for some of the youngsters to get involved for example David Nugent, Leroy Lita, Michael Chopra, to name a few.

Yes his pressence will be missed, of course when you get a high profile player Like Rooney, the crowd get right behind him and it reflects on the teams performence.

I could talk about this all day but I have run out of time.


When was the last time Rooney actually scored for England?

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England can cope without him, with ease… but McClaren can’t.

McClaren probably won’t have the guts to pick someone without a famous name. Expect him to play 1 crouch up front or at most, he’ll pick from his bench, name a youngster and make him sit at the sidelines until someone fractures something again.

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It could all be for the best. Play a half-fit Owen up front, stick with Lamps in the centre, shove Gerrard out wide, leave Carson on the bench and do nothing to persuade Carragher to come back. Then after we’ve lost, and McClaren has been sacked, we can set about building for 2010.

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Hooray, Owen is fit again. But how long will it last? I’ll give him up to the 53rd minute. Anybody fancy a wager?

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Rooney will certainly be missed by the England team but surely they can cope without him.
Michael Owen has declared himself fit and so should be available. And I personally believe Owen is any day better than Rooney. Its been a while Rooney scored for England anyways.
Even apart from Owen they have Crouch, Bent and Defoe. Although the trio may not be top strikers, Crouch has come good for England, and the other two should be able to take on the challenge of the likes of Russia and Israel.

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I’ve got a feeling Lampard and Beckham are going to do the business in these two games. If Owen is fit, so much the better. Of course England can cope. And to answer my own question, Rooney hasn’t scored for England in a competitive fixture since Euro 2004.

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