Immigrant Reform Rally on 7th Avenue in New York

May 1, 2006

Protestors with banners at immigrant rally in New York CityA group of protestors gathered in New York City at midday on Monday to voice theirNews anchor at May Day immigrant protest in New York City views on immigration reform. The small gathering of around 200 protestors in the Garment District, a historically important place of employment for immigrant workers, was one of several happening in the city. The location on 7th Avenue and 40th street was just a short walk from Times Square and attracted around 20 different photographers, camera crews and journalists from nearby news and media companies.


let’s grow food and protest , this someone is not

going to listen to a starving protester . you


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So when does congress investigate ICE? The illegal aliens seem to have the upper hand.

The President and the Department of Homeland Security should hang their heads in shame.

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