Video from Immigrant Protests in New York City’s Garment District

May 1, 2006

Photographers take pictures of protestors at New York City May Day immigrant rallyProtestors gathered at midday on Monday May 1st to voice their concerns about immigration reform. See the rough-cut footage taken in New York City’s Garment District.


am from Salinas california i was in the 10th grade during the walkouts i took a big part in my school i got fliped by ignorent people but we stuck whit it and keept on protesting


criminals, criminals, criminals and should not be allowed to work in the US!

I think we should all quit paying taxes since the criminals dont have to and expecdt to be taken care of.


I wish people would use the correct wording and stop showing sympathy for criminals. “Illegal Immigrants” Reuters should stop journalizing and just report the facts as should all news agencies…..we are a nation of immigrants….but the big difference is we are here legally. We should sue the government for allowing this to go for as many years as it has. Just enforce the laws….as they are written. No need for new ones.

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