Mexicans march in solidarity with U.S. protestors

By Reuters Staff
May 1, 2006

mexico_protest.jpgThousands of Mexicans marched through Mexico City and boycotted U.S. stores Monday to support illegal immigrants demonstrating for more rights in the U.S.

We remind the gringos that they are a country of immigrants. The work that gringos don’t like to do is being done by Mexicans, said Felipe Gomez, a 50-year-old man who joined the protest march.

Elsewhere in Mexico, protestors in Reynosa briefly shut down the border bridge that links the town to McAllen, Texas.

The migrants are very hard working and they are good hearted people. We are here because we do not think they should be treated like criminals or animals, said Carmen Rivera, a nun who joined the rally in Reynosa.

We are supporting the boycott in the name of all the migrants who have perished here in the Rio Grande, said Enrique Games, a retiree who joined a march organized by a local Catholic church, as he looked out over the river’s olive green waters. It is an important gesture.

(Picture:  A pro-immigrant activist takes part in a march in Mexico City May 1, 2006. Workers took to the streets around the world in largely peaceful May Day demonstrations for labour rights, as immigrants in the United States prepared protest boycotts. The sign reads, ‘Immigrants are workers, not criminals’. REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar)


Well we remond the illegal criminal immigrants that we have laws in this country that we have to abide by. Many immigrants came here legally and if you are not here legally you should have your ass locked up and deported!

You do not have any rights here as a criminal just as the rest of the criminals in our prisons do not have any rights.


Justice For Migrants?
Fine with me! According to American law they must be deported!
BTW, I’m a LEGAL immigrant, and I don’t understand all of this hype about illegals while MILLIONS of legal immigrants that pay taxes must wait for their Green Cards for YEARS, literally!
My family waited for our Green Cards for 8(!!!) years!
Justice For Migrants?

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Is’nt it funny how this works. I pay taxes for the government to do a job and they cannot stop illigal imigrants from coming in. We can’t get them out, and it is our problem that there family’s are here after we made them have them in this country. I feel all the protesters need to be checked for there legal status,that is illigal also. My hospitalization rates are bad and I am paying there bill If an illigal imigrant goes to the emergency room for another to be born or anything else. Wonder why we are disliking our lawmakers and law enforcement for the poor job they are doing. Once they get picked up we are not allowed to check there status therefore letting them go; However, It is MY fault again for voting for the lawmaker. I am in a loose loose situation that is my fault again. I think that we are in the best country with it’s own issues.
Martin Wiliams

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