Keep an eye on: Warner Bros.

September 10, 2007

picture-1.pngWarner Bros. plans an aggressive investment in online video production and is expected to announce 24 new Web productions from games to original shows to become a major supplier of programming on the Internet.

Going against tradition, the studio will shoulder the cost and worry about advertising support later. We may have initially had a narrow view, Bruce Rosenblum, president of the Warner Brothers Television Group, tells the New York Times.

Combined, the 24 shows represent a modest investment for the studio, in dollar terms. It will cost less than $3 million altogether, or about one episode of high-end TV. Six more shows are under development.

All this comes on the heels of news Warner also plans to give the likes of Bugs Bunny their own cartoon portal.

Will Warner give former Disney Chairman Michael Eisner’s Vuguru a run for his money?

(New York Times)

Keep an eye on:

  • Looking for an overhaul at Yahoo? Keep waiting. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Walt Disney Co. taking lead concerns on toys bearing its name into its own hands. (New York Times)
  • Hiding the salami at The Wall Street Journal: Posters of Rupert Murdoch with the slogan, “Show Us The Money” go up and down as Dow Jones and its union negotiate a new contract with management. (New York Times)
  • Wall Street Journal staffers plan to picket at its New York headquarters at the World Financial Center at 11am EDT to 1pm EDT on Monday. Workers represented by the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees union are “are disappointed with a ‘final offer’ presented by company representatives last week to union negotiators,” the union said.
  • Europe’s largest consultancy Cap Gemini it will recommend its corporate clients use Google Apps, Google’s online alternative to Microsoft’s Office software. (Reuters)
  • Australia regulator probes Google’s DoubleClick deal. (Reuters)
  • Quote of the day: Actor Alec Baldwin on Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons: “You know how much I love this man? I love this man so much I wont complain about my AOL account! (Intelligencer)

(Photo: Warner Bros.)


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