Murdoch, up close and personal

September 12, 2007

MurdochReuters landed its first exclusive interview with News Corp. kingpin Rupert Murdoch since agreeing to buy Dow Jones. He stopped by headquarters on Wednesday to survey his soon-to-be new domain and visited top Wall Street Journal editors and even made an appearance in the newsroom.

I dropped in to ask him a few questions. Here’s the transcript of our conversation as we walked together.

MacMillan: Hello, Mr. Murdoch, I’m Robert MacMillan. I work for Reuters.

Murdoch: Oh, really!MacMillan

MacMillan: I just wanted to ask —

Murdoch: No.

Security guard #1: (grabs MacMillan’s arm and pulls him away from Murdoch)

MacMillan: Can you tell me what you talked to the editors about? (To security guard) Please don’t touch me.

Murdoch: No.

MacMillan: And can you tell me also —

Murdoch: No.

MacMillan: You were seen with Anderson Cooper at Sun Valley. I wonder if you’re interested in having him at the Fox Business Channel.

Murdoch: (silence)

MacMillan: Are you planning to increase the number of employees at The Wall Street Journal?

Murdoch: I’m not talking to Reuters.

Security guard #2: Stay away! Stay away!

(Murdoch exits building. Second security guard blocks door to prevent MacMillan from following.)

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(Murdoch photo: Reuters)


[…] visit to the Wall Street Journal newsroom yesterday, Reuters reporter Robert Macmillan attempted to interview the mogul as he walked out of the building. Here’s how it […]


Murdoch is bad for America. His father may have been a newspaper man, but the son does not really understand the “press freedom”. He builds a media empire and puts his “ego” behind all their productions. The FCC betrayed the US Constitution by handing this man free reign over so much American media. He will bend everything to his will!! And the country will suffer. Replace all members of the FCC, that should be the on the third day of the new presidency. On the first- end the war in Iraq.

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haha did that really happen or is this a joke?