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Nov 5, 2010

Eliot Spitzer exposed again in film “Client 9″

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Alex Gibney is the Oscar-winning director of anti-war documentary “Taxi to the Dark Side,” who has examined many issues including what led to the demise of energy company Enron.

In his new documentary, “Client 9,” Gibney has focused his lens of disgraced, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who prosecuted many corporate and Wall Street chieftains for misdeeds when he was the state’s Attorney General.

Nov 4, 2010

Danny Boyle puts human touch into “127 Hours”

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – It’s one thing to create a thrilling movie set in the mad city of Mumbai with a pair of young lovers, romance and money. It’s quite another to do it in the Utah wilderness with one man, one rock and a sawed-off arm.

But most film directors are not Danny Boyle, the Oscar winner of smash hit “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Nov 1, 2010

Smokey Robinson goes “Go-Go” with Cracker Barrel

LOS ANGELES, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Forty-five years after
Smokey Robinson found himself “Going to a Go-Go,” he is now
headed into Cracker Barrel restaurants — a sign of change not
just in music but for the roadside diners, too.

The former lead singer of Motown sensations The Miracles
released on Monday his latest album not through record outlets,
but via a program offered by the chain of nearly 600 diners
known for home-style cooking and selling folksy merchandise.

Oct 25, 2010

Train looks to “Shake Up Christmas” for Coca-Cola

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Hey soul sisters, and brothers. The band Train on Monday rolled out a new song for the upcoming holidays meant to put a smile on the faces of music fans who are weary of the gloomy economy.

The song, “Shake Up Christmas,” is a key part of Coca-Cola Co.’s new Christmas advertising campaign that in past years has featured people or animals, such as the friendly polar bears of 1993, which became iconic for generations of TV viewers.

Oct 21, 2010

Warner Bros may take “Hobbit” from New Zealand

LOS ANGELES/WELLINGTON (Reuters) – Warner Bros. on Thursday said it will seek locations outside New Zealand to make its big-budget movie “The Hobbit” following union protests in that country that have stymied production.

The New Zealand government has vowed to step in to try to keep filming in the homeland of Peter Jackson, the director of “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy that earned billions of dollars at box offices and spurred employment in the country’s fledgling movie industry.

Oct 18, 2010
via Fan Fare

Helena Bonham Carter, queen of Halloween frights


This item is both good, and perhaps not so good, for director Tim Burton. His long-term companion, Helena Bonham Carter, has had the distinct honor (some might say dubious distinction) of making it on a list — twice — of top movie-themed Halloween costumes. The first time, she is a queen (good) and the second, a witch (not so good, although given Burton’s taste in characters¬† — Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd — he might think it’s cool).

Online movie ticket seller Fandango.com polled some¬† 2,200 people on its website, asking them about the upcoming ghoulish holiday where people dress like goblins or werewolves and play tricks or get treats. Fifty-five percent said they would dress up and of those, 58 percent said they’d pick a movie-themed costume.

Oct 14, 2010

Hilary Swank film draws ire of victim’s family

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Family members of a murder victim portrayed in the new movie “Conviction” lashed out on Thursday at star Hilary Swank and the film’s producers, questioning their morals for not consulting the family on the movie’s depiction of their dead mother.

The complaint comes only one day before “Conviction” makes its debut in U.S. movie theaters, telling the story of how working mom Betty Anne Waters (played by Swank) put herself through law school, then utilized DNA testing to get her brother, Kenneth Waters, freed from jail.

Oct 10, 2010

“Social Network” tops box office for second week

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Facebook film “The Social Network” captured the top spot at North American box offices for the second straight weekend in a lackluster frame that saw ticket sales for all films drop about 15 percent from last year.

A pair of newcomers, romantic comedy “Life As We Know It” and horse racing film “Secretariat,” failed to make strong bids for No. 1, with the former coming in second at $14.6 million while the latter rounded out the top three with $12.6 million, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

Oct 3, 2010

“The Social Network” finds friends at box offices

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Facebook movie “The Social Network” found millions of friends in theaters during the weekend, taking in $23 million and earning the No. 1 spot at box offices, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

The movie, which tells of the founding of the popular social networking website, played in just under 2,800 U.S. and Canadian theaters for a per-theater average of around $8,300, a solid number compared to its rivals.

Oct 1, 2010

Oscar-nominated Tony Curtis dies, age 85

LOS ANGELES, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Tony Curtis, whose dark
hair and good looks made him a Hollywood star well before he
became an accomplished actor in hit movies such as “Some Like
It Hot” and “The Sweet Smell of Success,” died Wednesday night
at his home in Nevada. He was 85.

Curtis, one of the biggest box-office stars of the 1950s
and 1960s and one of Hollywood’s busiest playboys, died of
cardiac arrest at his home in Henderson, Nevada, outside Las
Vegas, where a memorial service is planned for Monday.

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