Comments on: Three China worries for 2010 Mon, 26 Sep 2016 03:26:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: anonch Fri, 01 Jan 2010 03:38:49 +0000 With regard to comment above: “the only solution is democracy” … ironically enough China did try to establish a democracy based on western government in the Sun Yat sen period I think … failed miserably. Too many vested interests etc etc.
There needs to be a change in the grass roots attitude to many aspects of culture here… people need to invest in the youth, not see them as a pension plan. There needs to be less of a harking back to a supposed golden age (ask the kids here and most of them don’t even know what happened in their recent history, let alone Classical history). I would say more but I still live in the country. Besides which, which form of “democracy”? Plutocratic, autocratic, monarchical? Model seems to be that of singapore … perhaps we will see a plutocratic democracy…

Big problem facing China is a game of hot potato: western countries lend money to China to help develop the under (non) developed parts (Gansu for example). Money barely gets there due to … red tape, shall we say. In the mean time China lends the West aid to get out of the credit crunch. Debt is circulated like a game of hot potato … the passing goes quickly so it seems like there is stability and wealth but, when the music stops, there is going to be serious trouble. Tax collection is a joke here so there is little fresh income: I borrow 100 RMB to pay x who uses that to pay y who uses that to pay z who uses that to pay me. This goes on at all levels of society here. When the bill is finally called in, there is little if any cash to back it up. 2011 there will be an economic collapse here…

By: Billxiao Thu, 31 Dec 2009 07:02:14 +0000 Indeed we are realizing the problem of widening gap between the rich and poor, but we are not that resentful about China’s ‘undemocrasy’, coz that’s definition imposed by the western world. The middle class is actually on its course to be the major group of China. We have been relied much on the exporting, but see, when westners cried hard over the economic downturn, especially Americans, did China complain that hard? The exporting this year was cut quite a lot though, the local consumption booming helped the country regained the growth. Don’t take the cheap exports too light, ask those Americans if they live without those made/created-in-Chinas.

By: Anon86 Wed, 30 Dec 2009 01:17:21 +0000 China’s three big problems:

1. Economic inbalance.

2. Desire for free speech and human rights.

3. Increased protests and social unrest.

These are not just China’s worries for 2010. These problems will get steadily worse each year.

And as the solution is democracy, which the “People’s Democracy” has no intention of doing, they will soon live in interesting times.

Perhaps we will see one of the oldest dictatorships finally collapse? Were it not for the fact that capitalist nations have been buying its cheap exports and services, it would have collapsed long ago.