Comments on: Fretting frackers restrain economic opportunities Mon, 26 Sep 2016 03:26:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Hippauf Wed, 17 Aug 2011 09:02:09 +0000 Obviously, Mr. Swann hasn’t experienced life in gasland and is blinded by the shiney, i.e. gas driller promises of everyone being a “shaleionaire” and have millions of jobs.

Creating 200,000 jobs – according to INDUSTRY experts – key word INDUSTRY. These jobs have not materialized in Pennsylvania for Pennsylvanians. The numbers game depends on how you manipulate statistics. Remember figures lie and liars figure.

As far as the $4million per well figure goes – very little of it goes to the property owner. Recently Chesapeake informed property owners their royalty checks will be decreased by 25% to cover “operating expenses”. The only people making what could be described as a decent size royalty checks are those who have leased 100 acres or more. Those under 10 acres have seen royalty checks as little as $25.00.

Proper oversight is the key. It’s not enough to just say there needs to be proper oversight. In Pennsylvania we say the DEP stands for DON’T EXPECT PROTECTION. The PA-DEP is weak and ineffective.

Property owners as far away as 9 miles from an active drill site have reported extreme increases in methane levels, to the point where they have to keep windows open in their homes or abandon their home completely. Gas drillers have consistently refused to take responsibility.

Gov. Corbett received well over $1million for his campaign from the gas industry. His Marcellus Shale Committee is overwhelmingly stacked with people who work for or are intimately connected to the gas industry. Corbett and his buddies are working very hard to eliminate the little “oversight” which now exists.

The elephants in the room – if gas drilling is so safe, why are they exempt from the federal clean water and air regulations? If gas drillers did not contaminate water wells, why are they providing water jugs and water buffaloes to effected property owners, and why are these property owners forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Mr. Swann, take a tour of Gasland, PA., talk to the people who live it everyday.