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In a decaying Society Art if it is truthful
Must also reflect decay
And unless it wants to break faith with its social function
Art must show the world as changeable
And help to change it

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Change is unavoidable, because the system itself is exhausting our planet’s resources eliminating its ability being able to support life and poverty is killing more people than all the wars combined.

The system is dependent upon consumption which industrialization is eliminating because it is eliminating labor in manufacturing and housing , which consequently is eliminating the ability to consume because ti is eliminating wages. The system is self destructive because it keeps printing money to support consumption thereby causing inflation . The system wastes natural resources by manufacturing planned obsolescence, creating vast garbage dumps of valuable metals and minerals. We will run out of natural resources if we do not change the system

Now how do we get the 1% to give up their power, so the entire planet can be provided for in a manner that conserves limited resources