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“Pope Francis is not just asking us to alleviate poverty and move toward more a equitable distribution of wealth and income. Nor is he simply requesting that we act boldly to combat climate change and save the planet. He is asking us to create a new form of society where the economy works for all, and not just the wealthy and the powerful. He is asking us to become a different kind of person, where our happiness and well-being comes from serving others and being part of the human community – not by spending our lives accumulating more and more wealth and power while oppressing others.”

“He has a very, very progressive agenda,” Sanders said. “He is looking in the eyes of the wealthiest people in this country … and he is saying, ‘You know what? You cannot continue to ignore the needs of the poor, you cannot continue to ignore the needs of the sick.’ And he is also saying trickle-down economic theory … really doesn’t work. That government itself is obliged to protect those who are vulnerable, and that is a message, I have to be honest, that my Republican colleagues do not want to hear,” Sanders said.

Watch Bernie Sanders Talk About Pope Francis on YouTube

By: Moties001 Wed, 16 Sep 2015 10:42:48 +0000 Dear Mr Cox your lack of understanding in relation to UK politics and in particular the labour party is frightening. As a member of the labour party for over 25 years (not anymore I might add)I have witnessed individuals like Corbyn so many times. At late night debates after spending the day at conference. He is an activist who has not woken up to the fact that the world and the labour party has moved on. This so called surge in popularity is in no way reflected in the millions of quiet labour supporters who despise what the likes of Corbyn and his ilk stand for. This will be reflected in the coming months / years that the labour party will spend in isolation.