The Exchange: Why Ben Bernanke, appointed by Bush, is no longer a Republican

By Rob Cox
October 31, 2015

Ben Bernanke, the former Federal Reserve chairman, is unapologetic about the central bank’s response to the great financial crisis. As he tells our editor Rob Cox, and outlines in his new book “The Courage to Act,” the Fed was given little help by a dysfunctional Congress in reviving the U.S. economy. In the absence of fiscal policy, the Fed had to do all the heavy lifting. As Bernanke tells Rob, it’s one reason Bernanke, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, has dropped his affiliation with the Republican Party.

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The Republicans’ haranguing over budget and debt ceiling certainly did not make the Fed’s job easier. In an ideal situation a politically neutral Fed Chief would stay in constant and hopefully haroniuos touch with the treasury chief of the governing party, without interference by the non-governing opposition in Congress.

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Ben and his fellow private federal reserve banksters are economic terrorists and have been devaluing the US dollar since 1913; the US dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power since the federal reserve illegally and unconstitutionally took control of the US monetary system.

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Three evils of US economy – defense abuse at the rate of $1T/year, free-trade that depleted the jobs and eroded local competitiveness, FED – that stagnated the economy while pandering to the banks.

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Bernanke to Republicans: “I quit”

Republicans to Bernanke: “No, don’t throw me in the briar patch Brer Fox”

(with apologies to Joel Chandler Harris)

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