Attack in Nice keeps border issue front and centre

July 15, 2016

Over 80 tragic deaths on Bastille Day at the hands of a truck driver will play into fears about frontier security. The killer's French-Tunisian dual nationality won't deflect that much. With Brexit negotiations and national elections to come, free movement is under threat.

Samsung charges up electric car dream with BYD

July 15, 2016

The smartphone-to-chips giant will buy a stake in Tesla's Chinese rival. Having a local ally may smooth ties with Beijing after regulatory setbacks in the People's Republic – and ensure the cash-rich South Korean group gets a slice of China's turbo-charged electric car market.

Review: Rules for reading fickle economic fortunes

July 15, 2016

Ruchir Sharma's new book offers investors ten clear ways to anticipate whether a country will rise or fall. A mix of humble pragmatism and daring decisiveness make his tips compelling reading. But limiting his outlook to five years will frustrate readers eager for longer views.

Assembling economic dream team is more than a game

July 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump soon will unveil detailed economic plans as party officials gather at upcoming conventions. To help them draft a team of advisers, Breakingviews blends the fun of fantasy sports with the real consequences of policy in a new interactive graphic.

EU’s Google antitrust push slower, more scattered

July 14, 2016

The European Commission has hit the tech giant with a third charge, saying it abused search dominance on third-party websites. It also reinforced a claim, first made in 2010, that Google favored its own shopping service. A speedier, focused campaign would better serve justice.

Assault on UK privilege has many possible targets

July 14, 2016

Theresa May wants to focus on more than the "privileged few". If Britain's new prime minister is serious, the most glaring disparities are in pensions, savings, housing and infrastructure. Action in these areas would go some way to healing north/south and young/old rifts.

Nintendo’s augmented shares reflect new reality

July 14, 2016

The runaway success of the Japanese group's Pokemon app has sent its shares up more than 50 pct. That's a big vote of confidence in Nintendo's future mobile games, too. To justify the move, EBITDA will need to top 250 bln yen by 2018-2019 - more than double previous forecasts.

Boosting bank earnings requires more creativity

July 13, 2016

Trading, stock deals and mortgage refinancing picked up in the second quarter. That's a relief after a poor start to the year. But bank returns mostly remain too low and new business too scarce. It puts the emphasis on finding new ways to cut costs and harness technology.

Fintech: bigger and dicier for insurers than banks

July 13, 2016

Financial technology is highly likely to disrupt the insurance industry, executives told PwC. Preventive cover that use sensors to anticipate damage could benefit society. But many shifts may require intrusive Big Brother-like methods - or questionable changes to risk management.

Cox: Dismantling Dodd-Frank is a Trump distraction

By Rob Cox
July 12, 2016

Republicans and their presumptive leader want to overhaul the financial-reform law. Recent stress tests and narrowing funding costs between big and small banks suggest that swapping reliance on regulators for bankruptcy courts is a bad idea, even if Trump knows the latter well.