Ford schools U.S. firms on turnarounds, succession

May 1, 2014

Alan Mulally’s almost eight years at the wheel offer a textbook case of how a company can drive itself out of the scrap yard. The automaker has also done an enviable job of paving the road for the next chief executive. It’s a story corporate America should learn from.

Review: Distilling Mulally’s managerial mojo

April 27, 2012

Ford’s bickering execs quickly learned in 2006 not to underestimate their new CEO. Behind Mulally’s affable exterior lay a bright, mercurial mind. As Bryce Hoffman’s “American Icon” shows, it wasn’t Mulally alone who saved Ford. But without him, bankruptcy was far more likely.

U.S. lawmakers need a dose of what’s good for Ford

July 23, 2010

U.S. lawmakers could learn from Ford. Four years ago the Detroit automaker, along with Chrysler and General Motors , was beset with crippling debt, huge employee liabilities and middling products. That's when the company brought in Alan Mulally as chief executive. He and his team kept Ford out of bankruptcy, unlike its two domestic rivals, and have turned the company into a popular brand with better U.S. earnings than a decade ago.