Legal action delayed a low-ball MBO by China’s Fosun last year. A counterbid by financier Andrea Bonomi has now forced Fosun to hike its offer to $1.1 bln. Shareholders in the French holiday group have been vindicated for refusing to throw in the towel.

Calculator: Does Scoxit = Brexit?

If Scotland votes for independence, one of the knock-on effects could be on Britain’s membership of the European Union. This calculator quantifies the political risks posed by the Scottish referendum for the UK in Europe.

Best defence against short-sellers is to buy stock

Several Chinese companies are under attack from anonymous research firms. Executives have tried to dispel doubts about their financial statements while railing against unnamed critics. But the most effective riposte to those betting on a lower stock price is to buy more shares.

RBS/Lloyds moving plans leave key questions opaque

Relocating Edinburgh’s two big banks to London would eliminate the risk of potential bailouts for an independent Scotland. But it creates crucial uncertainties over credit availability and cost for Scottish consumers. They deserve answers before they vote – and won’t get them.

Ecuador economic "miracle" meets maturity

President Rafael Correa’s experiments in modern socialism helped the country cut poverty, grow and prosper. But his investment-led model has run its course. Now he has to soften his defiance of international norms, from the bond market to the World Bank, to keep progress alive.

Likonomics: the China buzzword that wasn't

A year ago, Premier Li Keqiang seemed to be driving forward economic reform. Now he looks more of a passenger. China’s agenda is dominated by fighting corruption and targeting perceived rent-seeking. Market reforms, and foreign investors, have moved down the pecking order.

Apple cooks up recipe to empty pockets and wallets

The tech giant combined a fingerprint sensor and an overlooked app into an iPhone payment system that looks secure and easy to use. A new watch lacks obvious appeal but has potential to replace car keys and other pocket detritus. Higher profits should be the cherry on top.