Regional banks grab hold of repo grenade

November 10, 2015

Wells Fargo, Nordea and Sumitomo Mitsui are bulking up in a form of short-term collateralised lending, as big investment banks pull back. Yet buoyant “repo” financing may carry hidden risks. The market played a central role in the financial crisis - and much of it remains opaque.

China moves in right direction on bank flexibility

By Wei Gu
June 8, 2012

Beijing has given banks a little more freedom on setting interest rates. The surprise change looks tentative, as usual. But allowing the market to play a bigger role in capital allocation will help both savers and companies, at the cost of its overly profitable banks.

China gets growth and a nasty dilemma

By Wei Gu
January 21, 2010

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao once said 2009 would be China’s toughest economic period in fifty years. He wasn’t thinking ahead.