London’s bankers should retrain as builders

December 28, 2015

The City’s banks are sacking thousands of staff. Meanwhile, the construction sector needs 120,000 new pairs of hands to boost UK housing supply to a level that eases house-price inflation. For bankers smarting from accusations of social uselessness, it might make a decent change.

Investors top courts as judges of banker conflicts

November 3, 2015

A jurist tossed claims BofA played both sides of Signet Jewelers’ bid for Zale, reversing himself after a higher tribunal said shareholder approval of a deal can override such charges. A crackdown on skewed loyalties is overdue, but owners deserve a say on when it goes too far.

Bankers get painful and needed conflicts reminder

October 13, 2014

A $76 mln penalty against RBC for working both sides of a deal is the latest blow to skewed loyalties. Even with recent slaps at Goldman and Barclays, it isn’t clear the message is reaching Wall Street. Delaware courts seem up to the task of delivering it as loudly as it takes.

Bankers not entirely political pariahs

By Rob Cox
November 17, 2011

The banking crisis might have made financiers unacceptable in the corridors of government. Yet Italy’s new premier – once an adviser to Goldman Sachs – just handed Intesa’s CEO a key position. New leaders of the ECB and FSB are also ex-Goldman. Oddly this all makes some sense.

UK fee disclosure shows bankers rule the M&A roost

January 23, 2012

Buyers of UK-listed companies now have to come clean about how much they paid to bankers, lawyers and PR firms. It’s too early to say whether transparency will change behaviour. But one thing’s clear: when it comes to M&A fees, bankers grab almost all the spoils.

Bankers behaving badly are no black swans

March 8, 2012

Job stress and simple statistics mean it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear of Wall Streeters stabbing a cabbie or defecating in public. More surprising is that such tales are relatively rare. After all, unlike their poor on-the-job decisions, such risks cannot really be managed.

Jailing IPO bankers is a step too far

April 25, 2012

Hong Kong talk of allowing lawsuits against negligent sponsors sounds fair. Reputation isn’t the safeguard it was. But the regulator’s idea of adding criminal liability may just damage the market’s efficiency. And it misses the real problem: investors lap up overpriced deals.

Bankers need to follow the money into China

By Wei Gu
June 21, 2012

Goldman’s new global vice chairman won’t be the last person to eschew the easier climes of Hong Kong. Mainland China is where foreign banks will add jobs, and where the majority of 2012’s IPOs in Asia took place. Attracting the right talent for the local market will be a challenge.

Energy bankers may be 2011’s hottest commodity

By Rob Cox
December 13, 2010

Bankers in the oil and gas business know a thing or two about the laws of supply and demand. But they're not accustomed to being the commodity in question.

Bankers can only hope to be like Howard Stern

December 9, 2010

Bankers can only hope to be like Howard Stern. The bawdy U.S. radio host agreed to stay with satellite broadcaster Sirius XM for another five years. The market initially added more than $300 million to the company's value after the deal was announced on Thursday morning.