Spain’s bosses need an internal devaluation

July 20, 2012

Austerity hasn’t yet caught up with the leaders of Spanish corporations. They typically make a multiple of their European peers, as do board members. Spanish shareholders might take a leaf out of the UK’s “shareholder spring”.

BBVA makes painful withdrawal from Chinese bank

October 17, 2013

The Spanish lender cites new capital rules for selling a third of its 15 percent stake in China’s CITIC Bank. Yet the 2.4 billion euro boost to capital hardly sugarcoats a 2.3 billion writedown. Basel may have provided a graceful way to edge away from a poor investment.

Warning flags over BBVA

September 30, 2009

Francisco Gonzalez's decision to tighten his grip on the Spanish bank by replacing his second-in-command and extending his own stay as executive chairman is a worry for shareholders. But in the case of BBVA it should also be cause for concern for regulators.

Spain’s BBVA keeps banking’s tech enemies close

February 21, 2014

The lender believes Google and its ilk will wreak havoc on traditional banking. To defend itself, BBVA has paid $117 million for Simple, a U.S. mobile banking company. The deal increases the possibility that banking’s technological disruption will come from inside.