BlackRock is right: European IPOs need more work

August 8, 2014

The giant investor is griping again about new issues. In structure and deal volume, the market is far healthier than when BlackRock spoke out in 2011. Performance is OK, barring a few duds. But there are still too many banks per deal and buyers are still rushed into decisions.

BlackRock should show up on regulatory radars

May 19, 2011

BlackRock's $2.5 billion stock buyback from Bank of America is the latest sign of its growing might. Boss Larry Fink doesn't think his firm is too big to fail.

More than one side to BlackRock

November 10, 2009

Larry Fink has an interesting take on what constitutes a conflict of interest on Wall Street.

Solid as a BlackRock

October 20, 2009

What is the state of the U.S. equity and debt markets? One need look no further than the growing colossus that is BlackRock.

BlackRock may fancy revisiting Blackstone heritage

January 23, 2014

Larry Fink’s firm manages $4.3 trln while Steve Schwarzman’s, with only 6 pct of the assets, now earns just as much. For BlackRock, a chip off Blackstone 20 years ago, private equity must be tempting. It dumped a plan to build such a business but could buy one like, say, TPG.