Barclays sets bar high and low for peers

October 31, 2011

Barclays' latest numbers add up to a curate's egg

Bob Diamond sets high bar for bank rehabilitation

November 4, 2011

Banks should serve a social purpose and meet real client needs, Barclays’ CEO argued in a thoughtful lecture. Though the change of tone is refreshing, lenders must now show that reality reflects the ideals. For Diamond, that also means exercising restraint on bonuses.

Barclays’ Libor penalty goes beyond the financial

June 27, 2012

The UK bank has been fined $450 mln for trying to rig the interbank borrowing rate and CEO Bob Diamond is waiving his bonus. The reputational damage is bigger than the financial hit. And the full ramifications of the scandal aren’t yet clear - for other banks, or for Diamond.

Barclays’ board should replace Bob Diamond

June 28, 2012

A $450 mln regulatory fine, on top of rows over tax and bonuses, has tarnished the CEO’s track record and undermined efforts to revamp the UK bank. Diamond has many strengths and his shoes will be hard to fill. But as long as he is in charge, Barclays will struggle to move on.

Diamond Bob will bounce back in 2013

December 21, 2012

A toxic brew of Libor, bonus spats and regulatory ire led to the ousting of the Barclays CEO in 2012. Yet investors will soon twig that Diamond’s bank wasn’t the only fiddler of interbank rates. He’s unlikely to land another big CEO gig, but he may resurface.

Barclays’ Diamond choice spices up strategy debate

September 7, 2010

Bob Diamond's promotion to chief executive of Barclays is no surprise. The driving force behind the UK bank's investment banking arm was a candidate for the top job back in 2004, and Barclays Capital's rise since then -- it contributed over 80 percent of the group's pre-tax profit in the first half of 2010 -- made him a shoo-in.

Barclays shake-up leaves Frits in bits

November 3, 2009

So much for Barclays' ambitions to be a magnet for banking talent. When the British bank hired Frits Seegers the Dutchman arrived with a big reputation and an even larger price tag - the cost of buying him out of his previous job at Citigroup. Three years on, he's on his way, the main casualty of a management shake-up that leaves his main rival, Barclays president Bob Diamond, looking stronger than ever.