Brian Moynihan can’t ignore Citi’s regime change

October 17, 2012

The BofA boss has had less time in the corner office than Vikram Pandit did. But he faces the same challenges to boost performance, as the bank’s third-quarter 6.3 pct ROE shows. While improving, Moynihan needs to do more before he, too, clashes with the board and shareholders.

New BofA chief talks well, must now walk

March 10, 2010

Brian Moynihan can talk the talk. He made a good impression on Wednesday in his first solo presentation since becoming chief executive of Bank of America at the start of the year. He hit all the right notes, promising to put relationships, risk management and cost controls ahead of rapid growth and serial acquisitions. That was reassuring, but hardly a difficult call. Walking the walk is his next challenge.

BofA settles for compromise candidate as new CEO

By Rob Cox
December 18, 2009

White smoke finally emanated from the chimneys of Bank of America headquarters. The conclave of directors at what should be America's most profitable bank selected Brian Moynihan on Dec. 16 to succeed Ken Lewis as chief executive. That's good news in one respect: it means the bank can break with the legacy of its current boss.