Guest view: Let sun shine on corporate donations

May 29, 2014

Fresh from governance wins on dual-class shares and golden parachutes, Teamsters boss James Hoffa is taking aim at the growing role of companies in U.S. elections. Investors ought to know about these campaign contributions, he says. And it’s up to the SEC to force disclosure.

When shareholder democracy trumps the real thing

By Rob Cox
May 7, 2012

Motions on the ballots at BofA and 3M this week give investors an opportunity to rectify the Supreme Court’s flawed Citizens United decision. Moreover, voting to restrict the use of corporate money in political campaigns isn’t just morally right, it’s also good business.

Election reveals clear calculus: 47 pct > 1 pct

November 9, 2012

Ultra-wealthy candidates and supporters - from the billionaire Koch brothers and their man Mitt Romney to pro wrestling maven Linda McMahon - learned the hard way that money can’t buy everything in America. Voting rights can be a great equalizer in a land of income inequality.