UK slaps capitalism in its “unacceptable” face

July 25, 2016

Lawmakers angry at retailer BHS's collapse are mulling further regulation to protect jobs and pensions. The fiasco epitomises what Prime Minister Theresa May decries as "anything goes" business. It takes UK corporate life into interesting - and potentially painful - moral areas.

Dixon: How to rehabilitate capitalism

February 1, 2016

The classic leftist response to capitalism’s unfairness - tax and spend - has failed. A better bet is to fight unfairness caused by corruption, vested interests and tax cheating, while investing in education. India and Italy show some of the right ideas.

Capital crisis making Italy SpA stronger

By Rob Cox
July 10, 2014

Italian capitalism is undergoing Darwinian selection. Companies can no longer rely on the state, age-old shareholder pacts or even Mediobanca for capital. Firms are being forced to adapt to the rules of global finance to avoid extinction. The next generation looks fit to prosper.

Review: Zero margin call

April 4, 2014

Capitalism is dying, says Jeremy Rifkin in a new book. The wealthy can no longer expect to get rich at the expense of those wanting access to capital. As profit becomes a thing of the past, the age of collaboration is dawning. It is an intriguing but unconvincing thesis.