Carlos Slim buys Spanish real estate on the cheap

March 5, 2015

The Mexican tycoon bought a 25 pct stake in property firm Realia at a discount and is eyeing a takeover. He is also the biggest shareholder of builder FCC, which in turn owns major stakes in Realia and Cementos Portland. Slim effectively controls all three. Minorities beware.

More than Slim odds America Movil buys T-Mobile

December 22, 2014

Carlos Slim’s telecoms empire needs to reduce its dependence on Mexico. The fourth U.S. wireless carrier is cheap, parent Deutsche Telekom doesn’t want it and there’s strategic logic to a deal. The increasingly frightful competition in U.S. telecoms may be a sticking point.

Carlos Slim may drive KPN to poison

June 6, 2012

The Dutch telecoms group is scrambling to dodge what it sees as a takeover-on-the-cheap from the world’s richest man. It seems to want to do a deal in Germany that’s been talked about for years. But counterpart Telefonica isn’t ready to trade. KPN might resort to poisoned pills.

New York Times smartly joins refinancing fiesta

November 2, 2010

The New York Times Company is now borrowing money at a much more reasonable rate that in the recent past.

Carlos Slim offers escape route to KPN investors

August 9, 2013

America Movil, controlled by the Mexican mogul, intends to offer 7.2 bln euros to buy out the 70 pct of the Dutch telco it doesn’t own. Shares in KPN jumped to price in a deliverable deal. KPN could push Slim higher. But with all the doubts, investors who can take profits should.

Carlos Slim can pay more for KPN

September 11, 2013

Absent a friendly deal, a poison pill is likely to stop Slim’s America Movil buying the rest of KPN. That would hurt the tycoon’s existing investment in the Dutch telco and slow his push into Europe. Slim’s 7.2 bln euro offer is cheap. He can justify upping it by 13 pct, at least.