Cash is far from meeting its Waterloo

December 2, 2015

Banknote printer De La Rue is cutting its output by a quarter amid a global glut. Denmark, Nigeria, Ireland and Swedish supergroup Abba are all chipping away at the status of cash. Yet growth in currency remains positive. The case for ditching it is compelling but impractical.

Corporate cash surplus will be easy to misspend

April 3, 2012

Large companies are sitting on spare cash, generating more, and are able to borrow cheaply. Where will it all go? Overly stringent investment hurdles will sadly deter investment spending. Though U.S. tax policy is a deterrent, financially driven M&A and buybacks are more likely.

Cash, not China, is Google’s biggest problem

January 21, 2010

Cash, not China, is Google's biggest conundrum. More precisely, where should the search giant point its gusher of greenbacks?