Rob Cox: Bolivarian bank dream faces Andean climb

By Rob Cox
May 26, 2015

Brazilian lender Itaú has pursued a strategy to create the first truly pan-Latin America financial institution. Its biggest effort to date is at an impasse. The merger it thought it cleverly struck with Chile’s CorpBanca is backfiring in ways that may cost it treasure and face.

Latin America gets closer even as Europe cracks

By Rob Cox
December 8, 2011

Cross-border deals among South American companies, like Chilean CorpBanca’s purchase of Santander Colombia, set a new record in 2011. A single Latin currency seems remote given the euro’s woes. But as the region’s private sector consolidates, it can’t be ruled out for ever.

World’s new air giant taking off at turbulent time

June 18, 2012

The marriage of Brazil’s TAM with Chile’s LAN has taken nearly two years to consummate and will create the most valuable airline in the world. The promise of greater regional integration is fueling big expectations that will be difficult to meet given economic headwinds.