Rob Cox: Coke takes fizz out of shareholder spring

By Rob Cox
April 24, 2014

Just as investors seemed to break through entrenched boards’ barricades, Coca-Cola owners - shockingly led by Warren Buffett - turned to jelly. A failure to challenge the transfer of vast wealth to 6,400 Coke soda jerks shows the agency problem still plagues Corporate America.

Coca-Cola deserves protest vote one way or another

April 23, 2014

Several shareholders object to the $180 bln drinks giant’s equity pay plan. Some want the chairman and CEO jobs split. Nearly a quarter dissed top executives’ comp last year. With the stock underperforming, it’s no wonder investors are grouchy ahead of Wednesday’s annual meeting.

Coke and David Einhorn sing in perfect disharmony

February 7, 2014

To feel good spending $1.3 bln for a minority stake in Green Mountain Coffee, the soft drink giant must have answered some nagging questions posed by the hedge fund manager in 2011. Investors seem to reckon Coca-Cola did its diligence. P&G and HP have shown how much it matters.