Review: If only U.S. elite education didn’t matter

March 27, 2015

Many American parents and teenagers believe a top-flight university degree is a necessary ticket to success. A new book tries to calm them down. The sentiment is comforting, but the statistics don’t quite support the meritocratic message. The Ivy League still gives a big edge.

M&A world could teach niche U.S. colleges

March 16, 2015

The collapse of liberal arts enclave Sweet Briar is bad news for cash-strapped schools across the country. Sagging enrollment has pushed some institutions to offer debt-shy students big discounts on tuition. But that risks a spiral. Merging may be one way to ease the pressure.

U.S. student loan fix robs the old to pay the young

July 16, 2012

To keep borrowing rates low for education, Congress is using some devilish hocus-pocus. An accounting change will allow employers to kick in less to a pension guarantee fund. That could leave Uncle Sam owing more to retirees while also increasing taxpayer risk on student debts.

For-profit colleges get schooled by new reality

August 16, 2010

The for-profit colleges have just been enrolled in the school of hard knocks. Many of these educators spent the past decade feeding happily on federal loans to students -- many of which default. New data released on Monday suggest just how tough the future may be for the sector, sending many shares down 10-20 percent. More regulation and higher costs are coming.